Tuesday 13 November 2012

Cake Break: FM Caffe, Widnes

What we have here ladies and gents is a photo of a half eaten brownie.
And the reason it's half eaten is because these brownies are so addictively good that I rushed in to eat it before sitting back to take a photo.
Back on point, FM Caffe is without a doubt my little home from home. It's my oasis where I can just sit, use my laptop, read Celebs magazine or just indulge in brownie goodness.
The welcome is warm and personal and the decor makes you feel as though you've just stepped off a plane into a wonderful Spanish cafe - the music certainly helps too!
If you feel like having a 'treat day' (or what I'd pretty much call: any day that ends in 'y' that has a spare hour) FM cook the best 'Make Your Own' breakfasts I've ever had. Nothing is too much trouble.
If you're looking for somewhere with attentive staff, great food, oh and really lovely coffee (especially the cappuccinos!) then FM is just perfect. I'll see you in there no doubt!

Monday 12 November 2012

Cake Break: Rhode Island Coffee, Warrington

I had always walked past Rhode Island Coffee nestled away in a corner outside Warrington's bustling Golden Square, but recently I decided to pop in for a quick cup of coffee.
Of course I can't have a coffee without a brownie so I indulged in what turned out to be a very yummy chocolate snack.
The coffee was good and reasonably priced with my drink and cake costing around £4.
The music was relaxing, if a little dated but what was your typical easy-listening playlist helped to create a comfortable environment.
The decor was warm and cosy with plenty of seating and an outdoor courtyard for drinks in the sun ... Suffice to say I sat indoors!
The only thing I'd point out is that a lot of the tables were left unattended for quite some time and it took a while for used cups to be moved.
Apart from that it made for a pleasant pit stop during my particularly unsuccessful Christmas shopping trip! Wish me luck next time!
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