Saturday 8 June 2013

Product Review: teapigs tea bags

It's always nice to arrive home to a huge gift bag - even better when it's full of fab tea - which is exactly what we got from the lovely folk at teapigs.

teapigs selection

Teapigs offer a huge selection of teas and we were treated to four of their fantastic flavours including; super fruit, everyday brew, peppermint and Darjeeling earl grey. Here's what we thought!

The first thing I noticed about teapigs was the lovely packaging. Boxed in neutral brown card and labelled with individual colours for each flavour, they're very cute and modern and have quite an indie feel to them. 

The teabags themselves are a little different too. They're shaped in small pouches which kind of look like mini drawer fresheners - and they smell just as good as them too! The bags are designed in quite a revolutionary way with biodegradable sachets and traditional strings for brewing. 

My favourite of the four flavours was the peppermint - refreshing on its own but incredibly soothing with milk. Just the perfect cup to wind down with before going to bed and a real winner in my household. 

For those who like a strong brew, everyday brew is great. It's bursting with flavour and totally holds up to its name. 

I could definitely see myself buying this tea in. 

time for tea.

What’s better than sitting outside on a hot summer’s day with a nice glass of iced tea? - Nothing - And with the lovely weather we’ve been having recently, now might be the perfect time to give Teapigs Super Fruit Tea a try. I’m not sure if it's been created specifically for the iced tea market, but it certainly fits the bill and is absolutely delicious with a couple of ice cubes. As it says on the box, the flavour is strong and fruity, with exciting berry bursts and an exhilarating citrus hint - offering a distinctive yet subtle blend. I also tried it warm and have to say that it's just as nice and well worth a try if you're in the mood for something a bit different.

Like Laura, the peppermint tea was another favourite in my house and I'll definitely be buying more soon - Renowned for its digestive benefits, it's a great one to drink after meals!

For their great presentation and delicious flavours, teapigs are definitely worth a try.



  1. I don't feel tough, but I feel grateful. Grateful for the FHA inspector who has made home buying more challenging and the boyfriend who has doing more drawstring carrier bags "honey-dos" on this house that isn't even mine yet. Grateful for the circus work has been at times, and the friends at work who can laugh along with me. And next week, or next month, or next year, I resolve to still be grateful for everything.

  2. This was lovely. I find with some of the generic green teas the taste can be a little bitter or leave an undesirable after taste. You can taste the green tea in this, however it is a smooth flavour and the hint of mint makes it very refreshing and drinkable. I could drink this all day and I have already ordered a whole box.

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  3. The first thing I noticed about teapigs was the lovely packaging. Boxed in neutral brown card and labelled with individual colours for each flavour. promotional carrier bags

  4. I like this tea. I have ordered it before. It is naturally sweet; it's the only one I've found to which I don't need to add sugar. It is an herbal tea, so it is caffeine free.

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