Sunday 14 July 2013

Product Review: Lov Organic Tea

A couple of months ago the lovely folk at LOV Organic sent us a goodie bag of fruit teas to sample and oh how we LOV'ed them... here's how we got on:

LOV-ely packaging!

Caroline - Citrus Fruit Tea:
A wonderful deep amber colour makes this tea visually very appealing, whilst its well balanced and refreshing palate is perfect for enjoying hot or cold.

I particularly enjoyed the Citrus Fruit Tea warm, as it offered a rich fruitiness which really zinged the taste buds, bringing out a full and intense mandarin flavour. 

Unlike many other fruit teas I have tried, Lov Organic Citrus Fruit Tea did not disappoint.

What's in the tin?

Laura - Exotic Fruit Tea:
As soon as I popped open the tin, the potent smell of Lov's Exotic Fruit Tea made me think of summer. Whilst being incredibly fruity, it also has quite a spicey quality to it which creates a wonderful warming flavour. 

I decided to first try the tea hot. You can really taste the apple and mango chunks fused together and the hints of pineapple and hisbiscus really set it off. Still, these flavours are not too overpowering and it's still at heart a very soothing tea. 

I think that even those who aren't big into fruity teas might find their taste buds tickled by Lov's Exotic Tea, particularly when drank cold. I would definitely recommend putting it over ice - a great little refresher for our surprisingly summery summer! 

Lov Organic Teas can be purchased both online and from a variety of high street retailers.
Visit their website to find out more!


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