Sunday 18 August 2013

The Afternoon Tea Club Reviews: Hope and Greenwood Afternoon Tea Sweets

A few weeks ago the lovely people at Hope and Greenwood sent over a selection of yummy Afternoon Tea treats for our delectation. So in true ATC spirit we popped on the kettle, dusted off our cake stand and sat down for a sweet afternoon of sugar and nostalgia. Here's how we got on:

Sweet Tea

Caroline: As a brand, Hope & Greenwood take a nostalgic approach to sweet creation, offering an impressive array of traditional treats to tempt you back into childhood. Their flavours are distinctive and complimented beautifully by their distinctive striped/retro packaging.

Having sampled their Afternoon Tea sweets before, we were very keen to see what else they had to offer, so were delighted when a lovely parcel of treats arrived in the post one morning. Included was a very generous selection of retro classics featuring their 'Really Good Rhubarb and Custard', 'Blueberry Muffin Sweets', Cherry Bakewell Bonbons and (of course) their afternoon tea sweets.

Out of this selection my favourite had to be the Cherry Bakewell Bon Bons which were absolutely yummy, with a lovely tarty flavour and chewy texture, making them very palatable and good for savouring. In at close second were the 'Blueberry Muffin' sweets which were (as the packet says) 'a homely sweet' with strong flavours of Vanilla and Blueberries, and a nice sugary texture.

As you'd expect the Afternoon Tea sweets were another top pick, coming in three flavours: Cherry Bakewell, Lemon Meringue Pie and Treacle Tart. The zesty Lemon Meringue, in particular, was delicious and I'm not ashamed to say that I pretty much consumed them all in one go - they're that good!

If you're after a touch of tradition or afternoon tea on the go, give Hope & Greenwood a try - they're well worth a buy! 

Laura: The first thing you've got to notice and love about Hope and Greenwood is the gorgeous packaging. Cutely presented in pastel colours and retro stripes, they really have the retro sweet shop look down to perfection. 

Like Caroline said, the good folk at Hope and Greenwood gave us a very generous selection of sweets to try, each with their own stamp on our favourite Afternoon Tea flavours - and what a yummy selection they were. 

I decided to give the Really Rhubarb and Custard sweets a try first. They took me back to a time I had only seen recreated in vintage style photoshoots, with such a classic flavour and a taste that really lingers. Super sweet and chewy too!

Next up were the Bluberry Muffin sweets. These gave a great authentic snapshot of such a well loved dessert with a sweet sugary texture to keep things interesting. 

Time for another classic flavour, Cherry Bakewell Bonbons. The packaging literally oozes with the smell of the classic cake and I found the flavour to be quite impressive actually. Each layer of Cherry Bakewell hits you in just one bite size sweet but with the added sour punch of a Bon Bon. Delicious. 

Perhaps the most exciting Hope and Greenwood product was the box of Afternoon Tea Sweets. Featuring three traditional dessert flavours that we as self confessed Afternoon Tea junkies, are very familiar with. Again, Cherry Bakewell made an appearance with the same fantastic flavours but it's worth noting that these are slightly more sour than the Bon Bon incarnation. The Lemon Meringue Pie was also really tasty and surprisingly not too tangy. However, my favourite was the Treacle Tart - full of flavour and a great alternative to the other fruity options. These are hard boiled sweets I would be very happy to find in my grandmother's sweet jar! 

I think these sweets are a great gift idea, especially for lovers of vintage. But for anyone with a bit of a sweet tooth, I would definitely say give them a go. 

Hope and Greenwood products are available to purchase online and from a variety of high street retailers. For more information please visit their website:



  1. this looks absolutely lovely! ive only really discovered that i absolutely LOVE this so british tradition (im german so i didnt get this afternoon tea jazz), but since going to the Hotel La Tour afternoon tea in Birmingham, I've totally fallen in love - now wherever I go, I'm gonna try and get some afternoon tea goodness :)

    1. Ah we always love to hear that the Afternoon Tea love is spreading. Drop us a tweet the next time you head out for tea - we're always on the look out for inspiration! x


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