Sunday 13 July 2014

The Milestone Revisited: Gentleman's Afternoon Tea Review

Gentleman's Tea

We've made no secret of the fact that London's Milestone Hotel is one of our favourite afternoon tea destinations. With it's plush surroundings and intimate atmosphere, this hotel screams decadence and is a definite must for any tea lover. 

Gentleman's afternoon tea has always been a temptation that we've lusted after, but never dared pursue. Reluctant to betray our cakey treats, we've remained faithful to the end, leaving the scotch eggs to the lads. However, when we heard that our favourite hotel had launched a male option, our resolution gave way.

The scene is set

As ever, the order of the day was food, food and more food. Stacked high on triple tier stands, this tea really has the wow factor - so astounding in fact that we couldn't help but notice a few envious looks from our fellow diners as it travelled across the floor.

Available with a choice of whiskey or ale to complement, guests are treated to a savoury medley of buffet snacks to start, in addition to the traditional sandwich selection. Personal highlights included the chicken lollipop skewer, and bacon wrapped toad in the hole. Both staple British classics. Both fabulous. 

What's good about this selection is the variety that it offers, meaning that there's something for absolutely everyone, and although I had to avoid the mini Cornish pasties (not much of a beef fan) I was more than taken with the mini scotch eggs available. 

Same goes for the whiskey too. The Milestone offers three different varieties, designed with an array of heady flavours from chocolate to plum, providing a good choice of tones to tempt even a whiskey novice such as myself. Can I have some more please?

Not to disappoint on the cake front, the gentleman's tea also contains a selection of boozy treats, which feature a chocolate and orange liquor torte (decadent!), a brandy soaked berry tart and whiskey cream cupcake. 

However, as we're both ladies, and ladies with a very sweet tooth, the lovely folk at the Milestone treated us to an extra serving of their traditional  cakes - and boy are we glad they did. Including delicacies such as their flawless New York Cheese Cake (oh my goodness it's good) and Pistachio Carrot cake, these desserts are by far the most exciting and flavourful that we've ever experienced - and we've experienced a lot.

All in all, we have to say that we were most impressed with the Milestone's new gentleman's offering, and although only available for a limited season, we hope that it continues long into the future. As usual the environment was immaculate and service very hospitable - if at times a little slow - although, that said, we were very grateful for the extra time to enjoy the Milestone's lovely pianist.

If you're in London and in need of tea, visit the Milestone - you absolutely won't regret it!

For more information about the Milestone's Afternoon Tea selection, please visit their website here.

Afternoon Tea was kindly provided courtesy of the Milestone Hotel. However, as usual, all thoughts and opinions remain our own!

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