Sunday 21 May 2017

Afternoon Tea at Filmore and Union, Beverley

A few weeks ago, our newest ATC member, Charlotte Goss, visited Filmore and Union in Beverley, to try out their healthy afternoon tea. Here's how she got on!

Filmore and Union are not the first restaurant to associate an ethos of ‘everything in moderation’ and healthy living with the classic Afternoon Tea, but bear with me!

This Yorkshire based restaurant has been championing clean, pure foods since opening their first York site in 2012 and thanks to a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign, have exploded across Yorkshire, arriving in the East Yorkshire market town of Beverley last year.

Walking through the door is enough to make you feel cleansed, as you’re whacked with the smell of fruit juice (think smoothie bar) and instantly feel the hygge vibe - very Nordic, natural, light and airy!

We took up a sunny spot in the window upstairs, overlooking Beverley square, and without too much perusing of the menu, allowing salad envy to kick in, we quickly ordered the 100% gluten free afternoon tea with prosecco – hey it was Friday.

The fizz arrived in two gorgeous glasses, followed by our juice shots – delicious, fruity and packed full of the good stuff. Following this, our afternoon tea arrived - much to my surprise on wooden boards instead of the classic three-tiered cake stand.

Let's start with the open sandwiches: We had Salt Beef, gherkins and sweet American mustard (we held the gherkins); Smoked salmon, cream cheese and dill, with spinach and Homemade hummus, spinach and roasted vegetables. The toppings were a flavour sensation, with some good pickling going on with the roasted veg.

Now gluten free bread is not really my bag, I always find it just a touch dry. These toppings on a crusty sour dough though, oh boy I’d be in heaven.

The scones had a spicy note, as a cinnamon lover this was right up my street and served with berry compote and greek yoghurt, I felt no shame in gobbling them all. The cakes were ‘little bites’ perfectly balanced with fresh blueberries and strawberries. We also had raspberry and polenta muffins which were gorgeously moist, fudgey chocolate brownie bites and seeded muffins.

Overall an impressive spread for £36 for 2 (£28 tea/coffee option) and a bonus when you’re not bursting out your jeans waddling out the door. An ideal spot if you are gluten free or just looking for healthier options. Plus, it’s doggy friendly (we left our naughty pug at home mind)

A full list of restaurants, menus and online booking can be found at:

Have you ever tried a healthy afternoon tea? Tell us about your experiences below!

- Charlotte

Tea Clubber Bio - Charlotte Goss
Hello I'm Charlotte (Chaz), Cake/ Coffee addict and Pug enthusiast from a little market town in East Yorkshire! Charity Fundraiser by profession and Founder of baking business 'Rebel Cakes'. Famously nicknamed ‘pudding face’ as a child… and it stuck!



  1. Looks absolutely delicious - and healthy to boot!!!

    1. Love the idea of juice shots with this one, such a nice idea! - C x

  2. Looks great. Nice pics too. I so have issues with the gluten free = healthy message. Unless you're coeliac it really is not healthy. There's something nice about having such full boards rather than tiny morsels on empty looking tiered stands. Good first review.

    1. Yes! Boards are definitely a cool alternative for afternoon tea!
      -C x


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