Monday 12 November 2012

Cake Break: Rhode Island Coffee, Warrington

I had always walked past Rhode Island Coffee nestled away in a corner outside Warrington's bustling Golden Square, but recently I decided to pop in for a quick cup of coffee.
Of course I can't have a coffee without a brownie so I indulged in what turned out to be a very yummy chocolate snack.
The coffee was good and reasonably priced with my drink and cake costing around £4.
The music was relaxing, if a little dated but what was your typical easy-listening playlist helped to create a comfortable environment.
The decor was warm and cosy with plenty of seating and an outdoor courtyard for drinks in the sun ... Suffice to say I sat indoors!
The only thing I'd point out is that a lot of the tables were left unattended for quite some time and it took a while for used cups to be moved.
Apart from that it made for a pleasant pit stop during my particularly unsuccessful Christmas shopping trip! Wish me luck next time!

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