Wednesday 31 December 2014

A Year in Tea - Top Tea Reviews from 2014

As another great year for Afternoon Tea addicts comes to a close we look back at some of the best teas we tasted in 2014. 
WARNING – Prepare to experience some serious food envy.

Sushi Afternoon Tea
“Gone are the cucumber sandwiches of traditional afternoon teas, in favour of tuna, salmon and mushroom Sushi and Nigiri on the base, whilst a wonderful Asian seafood and noodle medley replaces the scones. With neither of us being particular sushi fans prior to this afternoon tea experience, we're pleased to report that Grand Pacific have managed to convert us.”
Review here.

Tea for Two at home.
“Now, we don’t know about you, but there’s little more exciting than a huge pink box filled with cake - it's just a fact. Wrapped in luxury gold gift paper, the Rosewater Bakery’s delivered Afternoon Tea hamper is a winner from the get go and girly girls will absolutely love the array of rosy accents and ribbons.”
Review here.

The Wellbeing Farm.
“Located in the rural backdrop of Bolton, this tea room is surrounded by stunning views of green fields and hills with a few animal friends to keep you company – it was a shock to drive past a free roaming llama we must admit!”
Review here.

“Gentleman's afternoon tea has always been a temptation that we've lusted after, but never dared pursue. Reluctant to betray our cakey treats, we've remained faithful to the end, leaving the scotch eggs to the lads. However, when we heard that our favourite hotel had launched a male option, our resolution gave way.”
Review here.

Urban Afternoon Tea.
“Usually, city centres are not exactly our location of choice on a scorching summer's day but the moment we stepped out onto the hotel's eleventh floor balcony we thought 'ah, this is where the fresh air lives!'.”
Review here.

Greenhouse Afternoon Tea.
“After we'd devoured the allotment stage, we moved on to the garden itself. Presented underneath a fantastic glass greenhouse, this second part of the tea really is its crowning glory … every cake was a spectacle and very much a feast for the eyes.”
Review here.

Classic Bettys Tea
Caroline – “As a little girl, I loved nothing more than going to Bettys with my parents. The gentile surroundings and beautiful tea services, fascinated my curiosity for times gone by and secured the establishment's place in my heart. As an adult, this love has continued, making Bettys one of my go to places for a good pick me up or escape from reality.”
Review here.

The York and Albany
“The trendy townhouse restaurant is part of Gordon Ramsay’s portfolio and is known for its comforting starters and meaty mains. We had planned a week-night quickie but after the first sip of Earl Grey & Grapefruit Sour cocktail, served in a large glass tea pot, we decided clock-watching was off the cards and a mid-week hangover most likely.”
Review here.

It’s been a pretty good year for tea and cake (we all managed to get over #bingate eventually) but as the new year approaches it’s time to start looking forward to all of the teas that 2015 has in store. Tweet us with some of your fave teas from 2014 and tell us about the ones you’re looking forward to in the new year @TeacupReview #YearInTea.
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