Monday 11 February 2013

A Cup with Sorcha: Café Gourmand, Lexington Street, Soho, London

This week our Lady in London headed out to Soho's Café Gourmand for a little taste of France.

Café Gourmand

The intimate setting, lodged between two soho boutiques just off Carnaby street, is a fitting backdrop for a tiny but delicious coffee and a freshly baked croissant. 

The wooden furnishings of Cafe Gourmand compliment the pristine white crockery. The coffee is rich, smooth and is served at drinkable temperature with a leaf design tastefully poured on its silky surface. Cafe Gourmand upgrades the traditionally French Coq au Vin and Croque Monsieur, by displaying them as masterpieces in their own right, on a shining golden hot plate behind a glass cabinet. Two smartly dressed French hipsters with lovably complicated accents, smile occasionally and come to refresh your water glass from a old, green wine bottle when ever it is empty.

Coffee Break

 Buzzing with couples, suited fellows in business meetings and East London student types on days out with their mac’s, it seems that Gourmand’s vibrancy will suit most occasions where coffee is craved. The sweet window seats with wooden benches offer the single diner a chance to drink tea and watch the bustling disorder of soho happen in its usual fashion.

Tea (Importantly!) comes succinctly and stylishly compact in one sleek glass cylinder comprised of three parts- the vessel, the filter and the lid. Gourmand offers an array of loose leaf tea’s, one of which when ordered is generously pressed into the filter and brewed on your table. The tea is seen as the beverage’s main player, the focus, a minimalist tea feat. The fragrancy of the Jasmine tea is especially refreshing.


Sourdough breads, served on raw wooden platters are not to be resisted after the cheesy, rich smell from the kitchen wafts through the cafe, making noses prick up and mouths water. Cafe Gourmand, with only 10 tables, offers each individual set of diners a special and personal experience.

Quality bakes as well as nurtured cooking make Cafe Gourmand the perfect, warm, bijou getaway from the February rain.

Sorcha-Mae Stott-Strzala is a videographer and live artist whose practice involves capturing moments of quotidian and the everyday. Her work in hospitality and the food industry combined with working in the arts, has lead to a diverse range of performance and video, exhibited in and around London and Manchester. More information about her current project TINATA (This Is Not A Take Away) can be found at:
Twitter: @TINATA12


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