Monday 29 December 2014

Tea Break: The Afternoon Tea Club Reviews teapigs Spiced Winter Red Tea

If you're feeling the post Christmas blues already - it's always over far too soon! - then get the winter warmer feeling back with a cup of teapigs Spiced Winter Red Tea.

teapigs in a festive mug - what else?!

teapigs has quickly become one of our fave stay-at-home tea brands so we were very excited to try their festive offering when we spotted it on the shelves this Christmas. 

Before the tea has hit a splash of water, the aroma already makes you feel warm and fuzzy. 
Let the tea brew for a good few minutes, add milk if you wish and just take in that wonderful spicy scent. 

Once sipped, one thing we did notice about this tea is that the flavour doesn't quite match the strong fragrance. It's actually quite a light tasting tea in comparison but this makes it all the more pleasant as it's not too overpowering.

teapigs spiced winter red tea

This blend is the perfect winter relaxer, caffeine free and boasts a gorgeous aroma that will make the festive period feel just that little bit longer.

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  1. Such tasty winter inspired tea! Twinnings made a flavour a couple of years ago but couldn't find it in stores this winter but teapigs hit the spot. Lovely with a splash of milk.

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