Sunday 13 January 2013

Happy Birthday to The Afternoon Tea Club!

It's hard to believe it's been a entire year since The Afternoon Tea Club began - and what an exciting 12 months it has been! 

Since January 2012 we have sampled some of the best afternoon treats from Manchester and beyond, taking us to the quirky little boutiques of the Northern Quarter, the iconic Central Perk sofa and York's famous Betty's Tea Rooms. 
We celebrated our first birthday with an invitation to afternoon tea at Brown's Manchester which has inspired us to indulge in a monthly spot of traditional afternoon tea at various tea rooms across the UK - of course we will report back to our fellow tea-lovers - Send us your recommendations!

Thank you so much to all of our readers and the lovely people of our Twitterverse for your support and suggestions.
Here's to another cake-tastic year!

Laura and Caroline x



  1. This actually reminds me of the uber-sophisticated but fun high tea every afternoon at the victoria station hotel london. The cookies are absolute delight!

  2. Belated happy anniversary to you, guys! I'm not a big fan of tea but it's my choice during a weary morning (yea, we all have those days). Hopefully you can suggest places to visit so my mugs here can experience tea again. It just so happened that I don't have a favorite YET.-Ally:)

    1. Thanks Allison. Take a look at the blog and let us know if you end up trying anywhere we've been to - hope you learn to love tea again!:)

  3. I think this is too late but belated anniversary to you guys. Usually, I always go to coffee or tea shop to buy drink refresher to make my day energetic.

    1. Aw thank you - we always love birthday wishes no matter what time of the year! :)


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