Friday 2 September 2016

Coffee Break: Buckingham Palace Garden Cafe, London

Last week I came over all touristy and decided to take a trip to Buckingham Palace for the day!

Unfortunately, good old Liz wasn't available for afternoon tea, but I did manage to fit in a tour of the palace before heading out to the garden to try their cream tea. 

During the summer months, tea is served in a gazebo at the back of the palace, with a selection of treats available, including: Fraisier Cakes, Mille Feuille, Strawberries and Cream and the classic Cream Tea. Now of course, we wouldn't be the Afternoon Tea Club if we didn't opt for scones at every given opportunity, so my choice was an easy one.

At just over £7 for a cream tea, prices are fair for the food quality (delicious!) and experience of dining in the Buckingham Palace gardens, however I think that it would've enhanced the day even further to have proper crockery to use instead of disposable paper plates. 

This is definitely one of those experiences worth trying once in your life, so if you do happen to be visiting the palace in the near future, do give it a try. Oh and incase you're wondering, the Queen takes her scones with cream first, followed by jam with a top layer of strawberries - yum!

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  1. Hi there! I love so much your website and your social pages. I have a question for you: when reviewing your tea spot, do you use a specific tea journal or simply normal notebooks? I love planning and writing everything, and considering my love for tea and tea rooms, I was looking for something like that but I've only found tea tasting journal form and it's ok but nothing about tea room review. So any suggestion (links or page or pictures)? Thanks in advance. Alessandra


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