Friday 16 September 2016

Coffee Break: Simone's, Manchester

If you live anywhere near Manchester, then you'll probably have heard about Simone's. It only opened a couple of weeks ago but has gathered momentum on social media at an incredible rate, with everyone and their uncle heading to Manchester's Arndale Food Market to take a look at their healthy treats - yes, you read that right, healthy treats!

Simone's speciality is healthy desserts and cakes for those with special dietary requirements, so think low sugar, low fat, vegan and gluten free. I first heard about them when my friend Sarah posted a photo of their Matcha cake on Instagram, and decided that I had to visit as soon as possible.

I don't know about you, but the concept of a healthy cake has always been something of a distant dream to me, and whilst these are probably still worse for you than eating a piece of fruit, anything that alleviates the guilt even just a little is good in my book.

For my visit, I decided to try a couple of Simone's free from cakes - Vegan Chocolate and Gluten Free Earl Grey Cake. Now, I'm not vegan or gluten intolerant but I've always wondered whether people with these requirements have to miss out on the joys of cake. It turns out that they absolutely don't. Both were delicious, and although perhaps a little denser than traditional sponges, they certainly weren't lacking in flavour.

If you're into full on health then Simone's also offer a good selection of 'raw' cakes which can be found in their retro Smeg fridge, whilst those sugar fiends among you can also indulge in the shop's 'naughty corner' which is full of all the calories and lemon drizzle you could wish for!

With updates like this an almost daily occurrence, it's fair to assume that Simone's is going to be here for some time to come - go and check them out before they sell out!


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