Sunday 14 May 2017

A Blooming Great Tea Party

I’ve recently started investing insane amounts of money into crockery, with the dream that I’ll one day have a kitchen of my own to use it in. However, until that day arrives, everything is being put to good use in my various photoshoots and tea parties at home. Most of the time I don't need too much of an excuse to eat cake, but when it comes with the added benefit of helping a good cause, there's no stopping me.

This June (23rd-25th), Marie Curie are encouraging everyone to get in the kitchen and host a Blooming Great Tea Party, in support of patients with terminal illness. Whether this is a full afternoon tea at home or an office bake off, they're looking for people to get together with friends and family, over a slice of cake to help raise money to assist their vital work. 

Most of us will know someone who's needed the assistance of Marie Curie over the years, so why not make this your good deed for today and dust off that cake stand? And if you need any more inspiration than the fact that you can essentially enjoy some guilt free cake - take a look at our top tips for hosting the perfect tea party below.

Top 5 Tips for Hosting the Perfect "Blooming Great Tea Party"

1. Be Creative – It’s your home and your menu, so go wild. If you don’t like finger sandwiches, swap them out for pastries. Not a fan of tea? Fill up that coffee cup. Don’t like cake? (Are you okay?) Crack open the biscuit tin… the possibilities are endless.

2. Can’t bake, won’t bake – Let’s face it, as much as we all enjoy eating cake, some of us just weren’t born for the kitchen. Don’t let this put you off though, embrace your lack of baking skills and take the opportunity to source some of your favourite shop-bought treats to enjoy. The main point of the Marie Curie ‘Blooming Great Tea Party’ is to enjoy some quality time with friends for a good cause, so don’t feel like you have to be a regular Mary Berry to get involved – Afternoon Tea doesn’t discriminate. However, if you do fancy a turn in the kitchen, take a look at the Marie Curie recipe page for some cakey inspiration.

3. Set the Scene – Dust off your finest china and get fancy. Afternoon tea, doesn’t have to be about finery, but if you’ve got it flaunt it. Take out those champagne glasses and polish that silver cake stand to set the perfect afternoon tea scene. Don’t have a cake stand? No need to worry, why not invest in some pretty paper plates and patterned napkins, to create the perfect party table, with some home-made bunting to match.

4. Host it your way - By all means, if you want to throw the tea party to end all tea parties, then go for it, but if you just want to have a few friends over for a cuppa and a slice of Victoria Sandwich, then that's allowed too. There are plenty of resources on the Marie Curie website to help you along the way, including invites, posters and games name it and they've got it covered.

5. Get the Office Involved – For many of us, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to prepare afternoon tea and work a 9-5 job, so why not get the office involved? Host a bake off for charity or book out a meeting room and invite your work pals for tea over your mid-morning catch-up.

So what are you waiting for? Request your pack today and get planning your Blooming Great Tea Party.

- Caroline

Will you be hosting a Blooming Great Tea Party for Marie Curie? Share your plans in the comments below or tweet us over at @teacupreview



  1. Nice tea stand. There're a couple of stalls at Macclesfield's Treacle Market that make stands. You can make your own with bits from t'internet. I saw a stand in Barcelona that was 700 Euros!

    1. Thank you - it was a birthday present off friends - so pretty!

      DIY stands are such a good idea too, then you can create something that's really special and personal to you!

      C x

  2. your pack today and get planning your Blooming Great Tea

  3. OMG!! Such a lovely tea party. I really liked the food here. Desserts are so delicious and mouth-watering. Want to have luscious dessert for my tea party also. That will be arranged at one of event venues Chicago. Want it to be an enjoyable one.


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