Friday 13 January 2012

Hello, Welcome to The Afternoon Tea Club!


We're Laura and Caroline - two students from Manchester... Nice to meet you!

Welcome to our brand new blog The Afternoon Tea Club

'Wow, that sounds interesting, what is it?'

In its essence, The Afternoon Tea Club, primarily functions as an excuse to eat cake... Yes we won't deny it - we love cake - but really, who doesn't? We also like tea, coffee, milkshakes and hot chocolate, as well as sitting in cute places and having a natter!

* (Of course, this isn't all we like doing - we wouldn't want you thinking that all we do is eat cake - (it is, but we don't want you thinking that!) We also enjoy to write. (Evidence of which can be found here and here))

So one day we thought why not combine the two?

We did our sums...
Cake+Writing= ?

and then it hit us... 'lets have a teashop review blog, where we go to tea shops and review them!'

So yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you The Afternoon Tea Club, tea shop review blog extraordinaire....

Follow us each week on our teashop travels, to find out which we think are 'Cupcake Heaven' and which just make us say 'Oh Crumbs!'

We look forward to seeing you here again soon!


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