Friday 2 March 2012

Sparkles, Tib Street, Manchester

Laura: It’s like if my mum (who makes very nice cakes) owned a café and I was in charge of decorating it. It’s homely but still modern and I really like that they’ve shied away from the obvious vintage style that we see all too often at the moment. I love that it remains kooky with its bursts of pink, original artwork and cute polka dot glasses.

Caroline: I loved the dressed down feel of this cafe with its plain wooden floors and the old tiled walls, which were complimented perfectly by the cute pink accents of the wallpaper and chair cushions. Sizewize it's only small, but this works to its advantage, allowing for a much more intimate environment for your afternoon chit-chat.

Laura: Normally during our little visits to these various lovely establishments, I will limit myself to a cake and a beverage (Yes it is because I am cheap!) but a mix of a good choice of light bites and super cheap prices was enough to tempt me to indulge in a jacket potato which came with a generous helping of salad. It was lovely! Of course I topped this off with a vanilla cupcake which was perfectly light and fluffy – Delish!

Caroline: In my opinion, this place is selling itself way too cheap!
The food is absolutely delicious and their prices are more than affordable. For just £7.10 I got a cheese and ham toasted sandwich with a side salad and coleslaw pot, a can of Coke, a Latte (in an adorable flowery mug) and one of the best cupcakes I've had in a long while!

The standard of food here is really supurb and the little added extras just make it all the more special :)

Laura: The staff were very attentive and greeted us as soon as we walked in. We were served promptly and care was taken to make sure we had everything we needed. Friendly faces are always a welcome plus in my eyes and definitely add to the ambience of Sparkles.

Caroline: The staff were lovely and really went out of their way to make sure that our lunch was as enjoyable as possible - Top marks!

Overall Thoughts
Laura: It speaks volumes about the food and service when a café predominately coated in shades of pink is frequented by an equal number of male and female customers. I will definitely be making a visit again soon!
Caroline: Everything about Sparkles entices you to come back again. From its friendly staff, to its scrumptious cupcakes, this cafe performs on every level to give you an enjoyable teashop experience!

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