Wednesday 6 August 2014

Cake Break: Tea For Two, Widnes

There are so many great little tea shops popping up all over the place - we've been to our fair share as you can probably tell! What's more is, there's nothing better than when one crops up in your own town and so I was very excited when I spotted this cute little cafe called 
Tea For Two.

Tea For Two

Admittedly, I had noticed this shop before but hadn't yet visited due to force of habit taking me to my local - I know, shameful - bad blogger! However, I am so glad I decided to pop in last weekend as it is a completely different environment to anywhere else in the area. 

There's a retro vibe going on throughout with old posters, mismatched cups and saucers and even a beautiful serving trolley (I would have taken a pic but it was in use at the time and I didn't want to disturb another customer's Afternoon Tea!). Even the music is fitting to a time gone by with 1950's favourites playing throughout. The lovely lady who served us mentioned that some customers say they love visiting because it takes them back to their childhood which was lovely to hear. 

Cappuccino - minus one sip!

As this was just a quick coffee break, we just had drinks on this occasion but even they had little touches to make them a little more special. The cappuccino was generously coated in chocolate sprinkles and as you can see I was so eager to get started I took a sip before taking photos - bad blogger, again! The latte came with a cute heart decoration drawn on the side from chocolate topping too - simple but made for really nice presentation.

Lovely latte.

Overall, it was a lovely little find and a complete escape from the hustle and bustle of the town. There's a lesson to be learned here - always try new things. I may have found my new local.


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