Friday 23 March 2012

Airyfairy Cupcake Boutique, School Lane, Didsbury

Laura: Airyfairy aims to create a cupcake-topia (That works right?) and it definitely succeeds. Sitting at one of their cute and individually patterned table tops I almost forgot I was in Manchester! Decorated to perfection with vintage radios, old milk bottles and mismatched wall art, it’s a hotchpotch heaven for all things kitsch and cakey. They even offer customers a chance to indulge in some of their retro goodness with a selection of items available to purchase.

Caroline: Pretty as a picture, Airyfairy is one of those places that makes you smile as soon as you walk through the door. With their eclectic themes and country kitchen hues, this cafe blends the traditional with the modern to create something really quite wonderful, making it the perfect environment to while away a sunny afternoon. My personal highlights included their lovely cupcake tablecloths and retro fridge, which were teamed perfectly with their cute old-fashioned-department-store-style cupcake cabinets to create that boutique feel!

Laura: As a lover of all things cute, fairy tale and Disney I had eagerly anticipated trying one of the boutique’s adorably named cupcakes. I chose to dine with Cinderella, a vanilla on vanilla girly cupcake. Sprinkled with sugary flower shapes it looked absolutely delightful, however I was a little underwhelmed by the sponge as it was slightly dry. Nonetheless I still enjoyed it and felt our late visit could have been to blame here! Airyfairy serves a selection of hot and cold drinks and as it was such a beautiful day I chose a bottle of fresh orange juice. A cake and a bottled drink cost £3.50 which was a fair price for somewhere that looks so pretty!

Caroline: Like Laura, I too was enchanted by their fairy tale inspired cupcake names and after reading their menu, couldn't wait to try one for myself.

Their options are endless and include;

Cinderella – Vanilla on vanilla -always a favourite and still proving the most popular cupcake flavour.
Prince Charming - Chocolate cupcake through and through and on the top..oh and in the middle...
Queen of Hearts – vanilla sponge with pink raspberry buttercream with or without a raspberry jam centre
Hansel – vanilla sponge with crushed oreo topping
Gretel - chocolate sponge with a crushed Malteser topping
Peter Pan - Peppermint buttercream on a chocolate sponge topped with a minty treat nom!
Mother Goose - Lemon or vanilla sponge and lemon flavoured topping, made with fresh juicy lemons
The Pied Piper - Chocolate Orange flavour with a chocolate orange segment topping
The Mad Hatter - vanilla sponge with a Nutella chocolate buttercream blend topped with hazelnuts.
Goldilocks - We use carrot, a hint of orange & a blend of spices including nutmeg & cinnamon with cream cheese
March Hare - Apple and Cinnamon with a vanilla buttercream

For my afternoon enjoyment, I opted for a Queen of Hearts Cupcake, which was a vanilla sponge, topped with a raspberry buttercream and finished with an adorable miniature jammy dodger. Like Laura, I too found the sponge slightly dry, but again I agree that this was probably down to the lateness of our visit. In spite of this slight hitch however, the rest our cupcake experience was faultless, with their buttercream and presentation done to perfection!

Laura: After spending about five minutes ogling the cakes (They really did look gorgeous!) we were served politely and quickly. My only criticism about the counter service was the way it was set up. We were given our cakes at one end of the counter and were then left to follow our server to pay at the other side of the station. I found it a little off-putting to have to go back to the other side of the counter and disrupt customers who were in the middle of being served after us, in order to pick up our cakes. Not a massive issue but just something that felt could be worked differently.

Caroline: The service at Airyfairy's was friendly, efficient and professional, being everything which I would expect from an establishment of this kind. Again, just to underline Laura's previous point, I would agree that the moving backwards and forwards between till and counter was a little inconvenient, as it placed you in the position of having to lean over the next customer to get your cake. But this detracts nothing from the overall service and is something which can easily be changed!

Overall Thoughts
Laura: I’m glad they called it a boutique because I don’t think just calling it a ‘tea room’ would do Airyfairy enough justice. It is absolutely gorgeous and a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy Didsbury strip. A lovely place for a girly girl’s afternoon.

If you live in the Manchester area and haven't been to Airyfairy already - GO!
It's an absolutely delightful environment in which to spend a relaxing afternoon with friends and I would highly recommend it!

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