Friday 2 March 2012

Sugar Junction, Tib Street, Manchester


Laura: If I had a pound for every time we uttered the word ‘Cute’ at Sugar Junction, I could buy a lot of cake right now. Set out as a 1950’s style house you will not be able to stop ‘Ooh’ing and ‘Ahh’ing at the Laura Ashley – esque wallpaper, jam jar centrepieces, floral tablecloths and gorgeous chandeliers.

Caroline: This place was absolutely adorable, or as one indiscrete customer shouted out upon entering the cafe - 'it's SO cute' - Ahem! The 50s style really takes you back to a time of good ol' fashioned comfort, as the livingroom-esque decor, invites you to settle in with a cup of tea for a nice relaxing afternoon of tradition, with a modern twist.


Laura: Given the sweet name, I was surprised to discover that the choice of cakes was quite limited but what they did offer was all homemade and infused with unique touches. I decided to be daring and go for the Banoffee milkshake which was delicious! It even came with a vintage style red and white paper straw: Adorable!

The prices were a little bit more on the expensive side with a milkshake costing just under £4 but it was really yummy.

Caroline: Like Laura, I was a little surprised at the limited choice of cakes etc. on offer - although perhaps this can be attributed to a busy morning, which resulted in them selling out of some of their favourites. That said, the desserts on offer were certainly interesting, with quirky combinations being a theme, really making their menu something special. Being the traditionalist that I am, however, I opted for the apple crumble and custard. In a word: Delicious. Served in a heart shaped ramekin, their presentation was flawless and is really to be commended (the same can be said of the cute parrot tea cups used for the coffee - which I really loved, and now want!)

Laura: The staff were all really friendly but the service did seem a little bit dispersed with our drinks arriving at different times. However, it did appear to be very busy and I’m sure the staff were all just rushed off their feet!

Caroline: Service was very amiable, with all staff offering polite and friendly conversation. My main criticism (and it's only a small one) would be the nature of the pay at the counter policy, which forces a downstairs customer to walk upstairs and through the ground floor seating area, in order to pay at the back of the cafe. However, like I said, it's only a small thing, and certainly doesn't take anything away from the overall efforts of the staff!

Overall Thoughts:
Laura: Beautiful place, I’d love to try out Bunty the Kitsch Caravan, their travelling vintage café. For a sweet treat every once in a while, Sugar Junction is just delightful.

Caroline: I really enjoyed my afternoon at Sugar Junction and wouldn't hesitate to go back there again in the future!

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